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Ceiling vs. Window: Where to Hang Your Curtains

December 23, 2019

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curtains hung at ceilingHanging curtains in Dallas is a fairly simple task. As long as you have the right gear and a little bit of knowhow, you can easily put your window treatments where they belong — but where exactly do they belong? Should you hang your curtains at window height, or should you place them closer to the ceiling? What factors do you need to consider when you’re making this decision? Let’s discuss this important topic.

When Hanging at the Window Is Best

If your windows have a decorative or ornate trim, hanging your curtains too high could hide that beautiful architectural feature. In such cases, you might consider using a tension rod to hang the curtains entirely within the window frame. Or, you could forgo the idea of curtains altogether and opt for custom blinds or shades instead.

Often, the best choice for where to hang your windows is 4 – 6 inches above the window frame. This can be ideal if:

  • You have high ceilings but not high windows. Hanging the curtains just above the windows can make the room seem cozier.
  • You want your curtains to pool on the floor. When your drapes or custom curtains in Dallas pool slightly on the floor, it can add elegance and warmth to a room.

When Hanging at the Ceiling Is Best

Hanging your curtains at the ceiling may be the best choice if:

  • You want to add space to the room. Of course, properly hanging your curtains cannot literally add space to your room. However, placing them near the ceiling can make the walls appear taller, creating the illusion of extra space.
  • You have high ceilings and high windows. If you have a room with high ceilings, and the windows stretch almost to the ceiling, it’s a wise choice to hang your curtains high. Hanging them lower can create an awkward visual division on the wall and make the room appear shorter.
  • You want to balance odd windows. If a room has windows of different sizes and shapes, hanging the curtains at the same height for all of them can create a more uniform look in the space.
  • There is limited space between the windows and the ceilings. No matter how tall the ceiling is, a small space between the windows and the ceiling (less than 12 inches) can be accentuated if you hang the curtains just above the window frame. Hanging your curtains at the ceiling creates a more streamlined appearance.

Should you hang curtains at the ceiling or closer to the window? In some cases, the architecture of a home makes the choice obvious. In other cases, personal preference is the biggest factor to take into account. If you are having trouble deciding where to place your curtains, hiring an interior expert to guide you through the process of outfitting your windows may be the best course of action.

About the Author

Rita Tayefeh is an interior design and window treatment expert who serves homeowners and business owners throughout the Dallas area. She is able to guide her clients through every step of the window-outfitting process. If you would like to learn more about her services or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact her at 214-533-0843.

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