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Custom Draperies

Custom silver drapes

Crafted to Perfection

Windows do a wonderful job of letting the sun in, but they may look a little bare in your home or office building without any accompaniment. Draperies add the perfect finishing touch, creating soft and elegant sights that are pleasing to the eye. Whether you are interested in a simple pinch pleat or a sophisticated flange, Rita will exceed your expectations with her custom-made designs.

Countless Drapery Options

Beautiful blue and gold drapery

Rita always starts from scratch when creating her client’s personal vision. Are you interested in a specific fabric or texture for your new drapes? Do you want a bright color that matches your child’s personality or a more neutral tone for a commercial building’s waiting room? She can share countless samples with you to find the one that fits best, and no choices are off-limits. She is also very skilled when it comes to following any requested interior style, including contemporary, modern, transitional, and traditional.

Drapery Hardware

Unique drapery hardware

Personalized hardware will complete your drapery with an additional splash of style, and Rita offers a wide selection that ranges from simple function to high sophistication. Possible options include:

  • Rods (Iron, wood, etc.)
  • Finials (Glass, iron, wood, etc.)
  • Rings
  • Hold-backs
  • Brackets

Cornice Boxes & Valances

Black and white curtains with cornice boxes

The best way to add one last touch of elegance to your drapery is the addition of a valance or cornice box.

Valances can be crafted from fabric or wood, and clients are free to select any pleat, style, trim, or type of wood they like for the finished look – Rita can incorporate any and all preferences you have into her design. Alternatively, cornice boxes are padded wood frames that come in any desired shape and color, whether you prefer something soft and curved or sharp and dynamic. These drapery additions will enhance the room’s current style without drawing too much unnecessary attention.

Are you interesting in exploring your drapery options with Rita further? Don’t hesitate to contact her and schedule a free, in-house consultation.

Custom Draperies FAQs

Large windows adorned with custom draperies

Rita is ready to help you elevate the style of your home or business with custom draperies. Before you book your complimentary consultation , though, you might want to know more about the road in front of you. Take a look at the following list of FAQs. If your specific questions are not addressed, reach out to Rita. She is eager to speak with you!

Why Should I Choose Custom Draperies Over Mass-Produced Options?

Custom draperies are especially valuable for people whose have large or odd-shaped windows. No matter how much you search, you might not be able to find a mass-produced product that that will fit your space. If you do find something, there is a strong chance that it will not fit your style preferences.

Even if you do not have odd-shaped windows, you can still benefit from opting for custom window treatments. You will be able to choose the fabric, color, and style that reflect your unique tastes. Your draperies will also be custom-cut to have the perfect length (which can vary depending on where you choose to hang them). You can even choose high-tech options, like motorized window treatments that you can open and close at the touch of a button.

How Much Do Custom Draperies Cost?

The price of custom draperies can vary widely. It depends on the size of your window, the style of drapery you choose, the fabric, and several other factors. During your consultation, Rita can provide you with some specific numbers.

Admittedly, custom window treatments cost significantly more than mass-produced options. However, they are an excellent value for anyone who wants the décor in their home or workplace to meet the highest standards of quality and elegance.

How Should I Measure for Custom Draperies?

Measuring for custom draperies can be a little tricky. You will need to determine exactly where you want to hang them, how full you want them to be, whether you want them to pool on the floor (and how much you want them to pool), and more. You can find guides online to help you measure. Rita can also assist you with the measuring process. She will want to make sure all the numbers are accurate before she gets started on creating your custom window treatments.

How Should I Care for Custom Draperies?

Cleaning instructions for custom draperies depend on what fabric they are made of, what kind of lining they have, whether they have metal grommets, and the level of soil that is present. Some should be taken to a dry cleaner. You may even need to consider hiring a specialty service that can clean the draperies right in your home. Between professional cleanings, you can dust and vacuum as necessary.

Ask Rita about cleaning tips for your unique window treatments. She can give you guidance that will help your draperies stay fresh for the long haul.